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About us

Ludwig & Therese: Trachten fashion on a new level
Ludwig & Therese is a Munich based online shop for hip Trachten fashion and Bavarian style designer brands. Enough of crowded, stuffy Trachten shops, where every single piece has to be picked separately. From now on Trachten can be shopped online – in fact at Ludwig & Therese!

From Bavaria Lederhosen to Ludwig & Therese: A star was born!
What persuades a prospective student to found an online shop for Trachten fashion? We asked Daniel, founder and CEO of Bavaria Lederhosen and Ludwig & Therese.
„I promise, that's a exciting story! During my year abroad in the US, I really was missing my home and everything, that belongs to the Bavarian culture. In these times I learned to appreciate the unique feeling of the Bavarian way of life, which instantly made me to invite my American friends to the Munich Oktoberfest. My enthusiasm of Bavaria, German fairs and especially of traditional Trachten fashion made it as a matter of course for the American boys to wear Trachten at their first Oktoberfest visit. And here was the problem: finding proper Trachten fashion in the US turned out to be extremly difficult. About this fact I told my fellow in Germany and of course we wanted to change this situation as soon as possible. So a young engineer and an information scientist made it happen: Bavaria Lederhosen, a German online shop, that ships Lederhosen as well as Trachten Dirndl overseas. From now on my american friends were well-dressed at Oktoberfest! But not only overseas but also in Germany our offer was encountering high interest, which made our range of fashion grow constantly. To satisfy our ambitious German customers with a maximum of variety, something new was born: Ludwig & Therese, an online shop with the aim of exclusivity and high quality Trachten fashion. By now, Ludwig & Therese is on of the biggest and most well-known Trachten shops, that deliver Trachten fashion directly to the front door – an enrichment to the world of Bavarian Trachten, that doesn't want to be missed!“

Ludwig & Therese – A name to celebrate Trachten!
Who is Ludwig and what's going on with Therese? We solve the mystery, which surrounds our name!
„Ludwig & Therese“ should remember a party, that couldn't be forgotten: the wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig I of Bavaria. It's the 12th of october 1810 when Prince Ludwig and gorgeous Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen tie the knot of marriage. The aristocratic couple was celebrated by a royal wedding reception, that ended with a flowering party of incredible five days. Part of it was a pompous horse-race on a Munich meadow, that invited to watch, cheer and celebrate. To the delight of Munich's population the royal court decided to rerun the race in the following year. To honor the bride the area around the meadow was named „Theresens-Wiese“, which is today the famous location of the Oktoberfest. The annual horse-race established to a top event in Munich, that counted more attendants every year. Not the race was the main focus any more: showmen, amusement booths and carousels filled up the area and made this event to a traditional fair, which has been known over the borders of Bavaria.
Their silver wedding Ludwig and Therese celebrated at the same place where they married 25 years before with a grand Trachten parade, which is even today the kick-off of the Oktoberfest – the biggest fair of the world. The first beer was served in 1880, that was followed by the well-known beer tents with Bavarian music and traditional food – the foundation of the Oktoberfest was set.
Ludwig & Therese we link with Bavarian culture, Trachten fashion, the Bavarian way of living and a huge amount of love and vitality. Ludwig & Therese is made to reflect these values and to deliver a piece of Bavarian home love beside the Trachten. Well, that's Ludwig & Therese!

Trachten straight outta Munich
Buying Trachten online sounds good, but from where Ludwig & Therese ships my new Dirndl? In short: Munich!
Like the wedding of Ludwig and Therese and the Oktoberfest are closely linked to Munich, also we wanted to base ludwig-therese.de in the most beautiful city of Bavaria. Here is where the idea was born, developed and implemented. Munich and Ludwig & Therese – that was love at first sight! Selling and shipping Trachten fashion from Berlin? No way! Ludwig & Therese's head office is located in the heart of Munich, where your parcels will be directly sent from. Beside the good-looking Lederhosen or the fancy Dirndl we pack your box with a load of fresh Munich air, Bavarian attitude and extravagance. The Bavarian capital Munich is home of numberless beautiful locations and fairs as well as local artists, awesome events and hip restaurants. On top of that Munich persuades with an adorable landscape such as the Englischer Garten and the close Alps.
In our Ludwig & Therese online magazine you regularly can find Munich insider knowledge, interesting facts to the Oktoberfest, the best Bavarian hiking routes and of course current Bavarian fashion trends. Regional supply is very important to us, which makes us cooperate with lots of producers from Munich and neighbourhood, that provide us exclusively with authentic Trachten fashion.
We love Munich! We agree, the capital of Trachten, where you have Weißwurst and Brezen for breakfast, is the best place to provide the whole world with Bavarian lifestyle.

Trachten and Bavarian lifestyle for everyone thanks to Ludwig & Therese!
Why is it worth to buy Trachten online at Ludwig & Therese? What's the character of this shop? We gladly explain our philosophy and everyting, that represents Ludwig & Therese as a e-commerce corporation.
For Ludwig & Therese Trachten fashion means more than accessory or clothing for fairs. We are proud of Bavarian tradition and think, that Trachten fit every single person – far away from physique, origin and money.
It's most important to feel comfortable, to have fun wearing Trachten and to represent the Bavarian joy of life. Ludwig & Therese made it's aim to make Tracht mobile, stylish, traditional and accessible for everyone. Afternoons in crowded Trachten shops, where the Dirndl-Set can be found pulled-apart in every corner, are unnecessary long ago. With the online shop friends of Trachten avoid the annoying procedure in fitting rooms but receive their Trachten shoes, Trachten vests and Trachten blouses easygoing at home by Ludwig & Therese. Traditional Bavarian Trachten wearers as wells as newbies or fashionistas should feel comfortable about shopping at our online shop. We place a high value on openness and diversity in our corporate culture as well as in our collections. So we combine fashion trends and novelties with traditional values of Trachten fashion. Our products are picked with lots of love for details and high demanding of quality. With our online shop we want to support every of our clients in finding the perfect Trachten outfit. As a family business we place the highest value on service and customer care. Therefor we are thankful for wishes, suggestions, criticism and any form of feedback as a chance to constantly improve our service and our online Trachten offer.

Ludwig & Therese thinks: traditional fashion never has been more hip! At Ludwig & Therese you will get individual counseling and receive the newest Trachten trends before everyone else! On top of that we provide you with exciting news and hints in our Ludwig & Therese magazine with articles about current topics.