The perfect Trachten outfit from head to toe with traditional comfy shoes for men

What shoes suit Lederhosen best? This question has an easy answer: traditional shoes. The traditional choice are brogues. They are by far the choice to be part of the countryside traditional outfit and were back in the day the working shoes for the country folk and still are to some people. The characteristics of the brogues are that they are easy to move around in and safe to wear. The stem is cut deep below the ankle and the toe is raised upwards in the shape of a ship. The thick outer sole, the lacing and the contrast stitching on the edge of sole are further features of the shoe. Various models also are decorated with small details such as Edelweiss petals made out of metal. Men wear brogues to short and knee length Lederhosen as well as to a traditional suit. The shoes are normally made out of real leather and are available in various shades of brown. This means they match your Lederhosen perfectly. These shoes are however not the right choice for everyone. They look very smart and emphasise an authentic Bavarian outfit. If you are someone who likes a more modern look, you have the choice of other more modern styles in our collection.

It does not always have to be brogues

In addition to the traditional brogues, brands such as Almenrausch, Hauf or Krüger have other traditional shoes, which have a traditional, classic look to them with a modern style. One of these styles are the traditional boots and knee high sneakers, which are also just like the brogues, made out of high quality leather and are decorated with country themes such as checked patterns, Edelweiss and deer embroidery. Traditional boots have a robust, sturdy look but also have that nice casual style. They suit classic but also modern traditional outfits. The sneaker form is the ideal accompaniment to young unconventional outifts, for example short Lederhosen combined with shirts and long-sleeves. The colour of the boots and the sneakers are normally in natural shades which suit all shirts and trousers. These shoes do not only suit traditional outfits. You can just as easily wear them to your everyday wardrobe – with jeans and a t-shirt boots and knee high sneakers look just as good. It doesn’t matter for which traditional shoes you decide on – we recommend you wear with them traditional socks. They match your shoes as well as your outfit and give it the final touch.

High-quality is ensured

Just as it is with all other shoes, it is important that your traditional shoes fit well and are comfy to wear, so that you can weave your way through the Oktoberfest and dance your way through a beer tent. The models in our collection are made out of high quality real leather. The brogues are normally made out of soft velour leather, which means they have that vintage look but are also comfy to wear. Boots and sneakers are made out of leather. You have to wear real leather shoes in on the first day. The natural material loosens and moulds into your foot with time. A further benefit from leather: it is very breathable material. This means in the summer your feet don’t sweat in these traditional shoes either. The shoes have a thick sole made out of rubber which is robust, yet also light. They are very sturdy to wear and are perfect for wet weather.

The right care

Your traditional shoes made out of real leather need some care so you can wear them for years to come. Dirt you can remove with a rough brush. Then you can use a leather waterproof spray. The waterproof spray protects the leather from the dampness and stops the dirt going deep into the natural material. If the dirt is just on the top it should be easy to get rid of. If you follow this advice your shoes should last a while.

The perfect Trachten outfit from head to toe with traditional comfy shoes for men What shoes suit Lederhosen best? This question has an easy answer: traditional shoes. The traditional choice... read more »